Porsche 911 backdated 2.7RS tribute, 1978


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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Private') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} Porsche
{{ $t('Model') }} 911 backdated 2.7RS tribute
{{ $t('Year') }} 1978
{{ $t('Milage') }}
{{ $t('VIN') }} 9118200341

Built by Precision Built in Vancouver Canada in 2015, this backdated 911 was designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of collectors everywhere. No time or expense was spared in pursue of building the ultimate driving machine. This Porsche 911 2.7 RS tribute started its life as a Porsche 911 3.0 SC from 1978. Presented in a dramatic Gulf Orange with black accents, this RS Tribute is more reliable and efficient than the original 2.7 RS, at only a fraction of the price. All Precision Built cars start from a steel body with fiberglass bumpers and rear deck lid. The car is incredible to drive & the sound is absolutely amazing! Pictures do not do this car justice, it really needs to be seen & driven to fully appreciate how great of a car this is.

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