Porsche 997 Turbo MK-2, 2010


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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Private') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} Porsche
{{ $t('Model') }} 997 Turbo MK-2
{{ $t('Year') }} 2010
{{ $t('Milage') }}
{{ $t('VIN') }} WP0ZZZ99ZAS761138

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A beautiful 997 Turbo Mk2 with the popular double clutch automatic transmission. The car is good for 500hp and 605Nm of torque.


{{ $t('History') }}

The 997 Turbo was presented in February 2006; the new front with the classic oval headlights and LED daytime running lights seemed timeless and very attractive. The Turbo's signature air vents in the rear quarter panel gave it a nice touch, as did the nicely integrated, extendable rear wing. The characteristic air outlets in the rear bumper were carried over from the predecessor. Despite the aggressive design elements, the 997 Turbo has remained true to itself, it remains subtle and discreet. Compared to the Italian competitors, it looks almost unobtrusive. That made the Turbo, like its predecessors, the perfect car for hasty connoisseurs.


{{ $t('Exterior') }}

Car is 100% accident-free and in its original paint. All panels fit perfectly.

{{ $t('Interior') }}

Gray full leather interior in top condition. Car is very comfortable to drive. Ideal combination of power and luxury!


{{ $t('Engine and Gearbox') }}

Introduced for the 2010 model year, the 997.2 Turbo featured a new 3.8 liter engine producing 493 horsepower, a significant evolution from the 473 horsepower in the 997.1 Turbo. The 997.2 Turbo was available with manual and automatic transmissions, but the automatic transmission evolved from the Tiptronic used in its predecessor to a sportier dual-clutch automatic transmission known as PDK. Approximately 3,300 coupes and 1,752 convertibles were produced, for a total of 5,053, much less than its predecessor.


{{ $t('Maintenance info') }}

Car has recently been serviced.

{{ $t('Maintenance Documentation') }}

Complete maintenance history. All booklets are also present.


{{ $t('What we should know') }}

The engine of the Porsche 997 Turbo was the first series-produced petrol engine with variable geometry turbochargers (VGT), which were developed with the help of BorgWarner. The intake air vanes of these turbos can be adjusted while driving with the aid of an adjusting ring. Depending on the engine load, the angle of the blades changes and the air flow and thus the boost pressure become higher or lower. VGTs offer more torque in the lower and higher rev range, better throttle response and more linear power delivery.

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