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So what’s different?


PassionForClassics is without any doubt, the best way for you to buy and/or sell a classic car.

We strongly believe in fair trade



  1. We provide a lot more information – to ensure a more honest representation

    Each vehicle is objectively described with more details about the history, the overall state, service records, and a lot of photos. The vehicle remains with the owner so that more information can be exchanged during a visit.

  2. We provide the possibility to interact

    The platform provides a way to interact with the seller, with experts, with people that have gone to have a look to the car,… You have a chance of discussing the state of the vehicle, your experience what to look out for or just ask for additional information from the seller. The seller has more opportunity to provide more transparency, increasing his chance of being able to sell the vehicle => a win-win. Whoever is fair will be rewarded. 

  3. We have spared no effort to ensure a far greater amount of fair transaction

    During the registration process, we ask for more information to ensure a user actually exists. Secondly, through integration with Stripe, we allow for credit checks to ensure we have users that are also financially viable. Professional users will also be checked through VAT analysis. The platform we offer is as waterproof as possible, in terms of transactions.

  4. Real-time 4 language translation process

    All information on the platform, including comments provided, will be translated in real-time in 4 languages. Allowing for a greater amount of interaction and information share.

  5. Advanced information share

    When browsing through our platform you will discover:

🚦 Unique way to inform our users if/when the reserve price is met (via color indication red, orange, green).

🔎 Ability to discover information about other users, like rating, amount of comments, bids, submissions,... This can be interesting information when bidding against a fierce bid-competitor

⭐️ PassionForClassics specific user rating, allowing you to become an expert user – rewarded when providing truly quality information to the other users

🌎 Car enthusiasts from all over the world. 


Come on board and join our community!


Ferrari 250 GT Lusso