Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, 1964

Alfa Romeo

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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Private') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} Alfa Romeo
{{ $t('Model') }} Giulia Sprint GT
{{ $t('Year') }} 1964
{{ $t('Milage') }}
{{ $t('VIN') }} AR606501

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT was the first Giulia sports model to be introduced, and was produced from 1963 to 1965. It was unveiled on September 9, 1963 at a press event at the newly opened Arese plant, and showcased at the auto show the same month. from Frankfurt. In its original form, Bertone's bodywork is known as scalino (step) or "step front", because of the leading edge of the engine compartment cover that sat 1cm above the nose of the car. This copy was fully restored functionally, converted to GTA look and adapted into a classic rally car.

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