BMW Z3M coupé, 1998


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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Private') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} BMW
{{ $t('Model') }} Z3M coupé
{{ $t('Year') }} 1998
{{ $t('Milage') }}
{{ $t('VIN') }} WBSCM91000LB55890

It is 1996 when BMW brings the Z3 on the market, a roadster that two years later would be joined by the Z3 Coupé. That same year, BMW unleashed the M Coupé, a mighty variant of the car whose shape earned it the nickname 'clown's shoe'. This example had its origins in France, after which it was bought privately by the current owner and BMW dealer and brought in perfect condition. Where the Z3 Roadster had a 1.9 and later a 1.8 liter four-cylinder as an entry-level version, the Z3 Coupé was only available with six-cylinder. The highlight of the Z3 Coupé was the introduction of the M version, the M Coupé. Taken in hand by BMW's M department, this tycoon shared its base with the M Roadster, which in turn borrowed the body of the wider six-cylinder Z3 Roadsters.

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