Porsche 911 Carrera Targa G50 - NO RESERVE, 1987


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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Private') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} Porsche
{{ $t('Model') }} 911 Carrera Targa G50 - NO RESERVE
{{ $t('Year') }} 1987
{{ $t('Milage') }}
{{ $t('VIN') }} WP0ZZZ91ZHS162145

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This Porsche 911 Carrera Targa from 1987 is finished in Guards Red with a black leather interior. It is powered by a 3.2-liter flat-six mated to a G50 five-speed manual transmission. The car comes from the 2nd owner and has a full maintenance history from his first years of life, which he spent in the United States - Atlanta. The car is completely original, accident-free, and rust-free - as can be seen from the extensive photo gallery. This Porsche is equipped with electric seats and windows. The equipment also includes 16″ Fuchs wheels and an aftermarket Sony CD stereo. This 911 Carrera is now offered with factory literature, full-service documentation, including invoices.

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The car was delivered in 1987 to an Atlanta surgeon. (Contact information available, part of the documentation). He bought this car when he left the army as a doctor. He used it daily to complete the drive to St Josephs Hospital. This corresponds to the documentation that came with the car - an average of 4000 miles per year until 2004 (after which he bought a second - in his words, more comfortable car). However, he kept this Porsche and still uses it regularly for trips until the sale and export to the 2nd and current owner. He imported the car in 2017 after personally inspecting it with a PPI (pre-purchase inspection at Porsche Atlanta). Since his import in Belgium, he has adapted the front and rear lights of the car to European standards and kept the car completely original. The car has no trace of corrosion or accident, as can be seen from the extensive photo gallery. The dashboard also shows no cracks. This Porsche Carrera Targa is the last/ultimate version of the original 911, and therefore comes with the smoother shifting G50 gearbox.


{{ $t('Exterior') }}

The body is in perfect condition - all panels fit as they should. With this Porsche, you can safely pull out a magnet. Stone chips and scratches were locally touched up by the 1st owner before sale. However, 90% of the car still has the original paint. The Targa roof has been reupholstered, but has come into contact with the floor hard, causing local damage - this is also shown in the photo gallery. Because the car has spent most of its career in southern and dry Atlanta, there is no sign of rust of any kind.


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The black leather interior is in good, used condition. The dashboard shows no damage or cracks. The gear lever shows some signs of use, as do the front seats. All carpets are original. The Targa headliner was renewed and is in perfect condition, as are the rear seats (unused). The current owner has preferred to keep all counters original - this also allows a clearer link with the correct mileage.


{{ $t('Engine and Gearbox') }}

This Carrera from 1987 is equipped with the very solid 3.2l 6 cylinder boxer engine. It is coupled to the G50 5-speed manual transmission. It shifts smoothly - the engine starts very smoothly, even when cold. It is clear that this car has always been very well maintained.


{{ $t('Maintenance info') }}

Yes - the car will be serviced annually.

{{ $t('Maintenance Documentation') }}

The maintenance history includes a fully completed maintenance booklet and a number of invoices. In addition, a full tracing of the build-up of mileage can be done using Carpass and Carfax.

{{ $t('Additional Costs Documentation') }}

None - the car has been registered with Belgian paperwork since 2017.


{{ $t('Options') }}

The car is equipped with 16" fuchs wheels, electric windows, front seats, mirrors and cruise control. An aftermarket radio CD with remote control was added by the 1st owner.

{{ $t('Known Issues') }}

The owner indicates that the seat is no longer adjustable in height. The car is equipped with air conditioning, but this needs to be topped up again.

{{ $t('Non original parts') }}

Aftermarket radio/CD player

{{ $t('What we should know') }}

This car is in excellent condition - Porsche's with full 2-owner history are rare.

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