Jeep Wrangler YJ 4.2L Full restauration, 1988


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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Business') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} Jeep
{{ $t('Model') }} Wrangler YJ 4.2L Full restauration
{{ $t('Year') }} 1988
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{{ $t('VIN') }} 2BCCV81J9JB532918

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This car was delivered new in 1988, the first registration date in Belgium was on June 1, 1990. In 2007 the car was bought by a private person who had the complete restoration carried out. He had the car in his possession until June 2021. The AZ car was fully restored and no part was not checked. The Jeep was completely overhauled not only cosmetically but also mechanically. There is no cost to be foreseen.


{{ $t('History') }}

The Jeep YJ, sold as the Wrangler in the United States, replaced the Jeep CJ line in 1986 and was built in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, until the factory closed on April 23, 1992. Production was then moved to Toledo, Ohio, using the same factory that produced the Willys Jeeps during World War II. American Motors Corporation (AMC) had designed the new Jeep to be more comfortable on the road in an effort to attract more daily drivers. It was a significant new design with a wider track, slightly less ground clearance, more comfort and better handling. The YJ still had leaf springs similar to the CJ's, but the springs were wider, and the first Wrangler had suspension linkages and anti-roll bars for better handling and safety, making it less likely to tip over by untrained or inattentive drivers . Despite the new grille, the bodywork is very similar to that of the CJ-7, and is interchangeable with some minor adjustments. The YJ also got a larger windshield over the CJ. The YJs are easily identified by the rectangular headlights and the fact that the wiper blades rest on the windshield, giving this version a distinctive look. The blades rested on the windshield due to the now wider arc of the blades to clean the larger windshield. These two changes were later removed when the TJ was launched in 1996. 632,231 YJs were built through the 1995 model year, although YJs continued to be sold through mid-1996, bringing total production numbers to 685,071 units.


{{ $t('Exterior') }}

The car was completely restored. The body was completely revised, restored and brought into top condition. There are no comments or damage, the car is in new condition.

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Paintwork was completely renewed.

{{ $t('History Sheet metal') }}

All lines have a nice fit, no irregularities.

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The interior is also in completely renewed condition. The seats were covered with new fabric. There are no damages to be found.


{{ $t('Engine and Gearbox') }}

The YJ used a 2.5 L AMC 150 I4 or optional 4.2 L AMC 258 I6 until 1990. From 1991, a fuel injected 190 hp (134 kW) 4.0 L AMC 242 variant replaced the 112 hp (84 kW) 4 .2 L 258 CID straight-6. The NP207 transfer case was only used for 1987 and replaced by the NP231. This car is equipped with the 6 cylinder and has a cylinder capacity of 4230CC. Engine code: AMC 258 Gearbox: 5 gears high & low with lockout. Power: 115 HP


{{ $t('Maintenance info') }}

The car has recently had an oil change - on 07/2021

{{ $t('Maintenance Documentation') }}

There is a USB stick with photo library and film of the complete restoration. The car also has a Carpass from 2000, registration certificate part 1 & 2, inspection certificate blank, valid until 02/09/2021. The certificate of conformity is only valid in Belgium!

{{ $t('Options') }}

The only option on the car is a Pioneer headunit with CD.


{{ $t('Known Issues') }}

No problems, the car is in perfect condition.

{{ $t('Non original parts') }}

Exhaust manifold, exhaust line from Borla. Radio, rims, tires, shock absorbers,…

{{ $t('What we should know') }}

Several spare parts are included in the sale: Doors, grille, clutches, gearboxes, rims with tires (new),… All parts can be found in the photo gallery, under the documents section

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