BMW E30 325iX BAUR, 1988


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{{ $t('Seller') }} PFORC1
{{ $t('Type') }} {{ $t('Private') }}
{{ $t('City') }} Poperinge
{{ $t('Country') }} Belgium
{{ $t('Make') }} BMW
{{ $t('Model') }} E30 325iX BAUR
{{ $t('Year') }} 1988
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{{ $t('VIN') }} WBAAB910302441964

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This BMW 325iX BAUR 'facelift' is an extremely rare car! Only 42 original cars of this type were produced worldwide. This example was originally sold new in Germany and then sold to a private individual in Sweden. Afterwards this rare BMW was imported into Belgium by "Collection by Vermant". Since Vermant was originally a Volvo dealer, he had many contacts in Sweden, and this is how this car ended up in Belgium. The BMW 325IX exists in 2 door, 4 door and Touring model and was officially distributed by BMW in convertible version by BAUR. Due to its rarity, the car was counterfeited, but fortunately, to distinguish the genuine E30 Baurs, they feature a BAUR identification plate next to the left front door with an identification number and official BMW documentation, included with this example.


{{ $t('History') }}

When the BMW E30 went on sale at BMW dealers in 1982, the car was only available in a two-door version (24 months later joined by a four-door sedan). A convertible model that was not built by BMW was also shown. To this end, the collaboration with Baur's bodywork was extended (Bauer had been working closely with BMW since 1930). The E30 is available in a convertible with an almost identical treatment to that of the BMW E21, which will now be called BMW E30 Baur TC2. As with the E21, this transformation is available as an option in the BMW catalog. For example, the Baur Bodywork carried out its transformation on the basis of an already mounted BMW E30, removing both the roof and the rear pillars. The rear windows were replaced by side panels, and a roll-over bar was installed to ensure the rigidity of the body. The sunroof is divided into a soft top above the rear seats and a retractable hardtop above the front seats.

{{ $t('Exterior') }}

The car is executed in Zinnoberot. The front and rear spoilers were painted in the body color as part of the 'facelift version'. The body is also in original and excellent condition. Visually there is no rust present.


{{ $t('History Paintwork') }}

It has a very small dent under the left rear light, as you can see in the photos. There is also a small crack in the paint on the hood - also visible in the photos. Original paint is still present everywhere, only the hood was once repainted, this is measured by using a paint thickness meter. There is a slight color difference between all plastic parts and the metal parts of the vehicle. This is normal after all these years, given the paint on plastic discolored faster than on metal.

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The interior is in excellent condition. The sports seats were dressed in black/grey striped fabric that look as good as new. The side panels, gear lever, handbrake, sports steering wheel and dashboard are also in excellent condition. The connecting seam of the carpet in the back row, at the height of the cardan tunnel, has come loose due to age. Photos of this were included in the overview. This is therefore the only less point from an otherwise flawless-looking interior.


{{ $t('Engine and Gearbox') }}

The 325ix has the iconic 6 cylinder ("M20B25") 2.5l engine with 5 manual transmissions (the car was also available as an automatic, especially in the US). The 325ix was once considered the Goldilocks of the E30 generation by Jason Cammisa, renowned motoring journalist, because of its 6-cylinder engine. 170 horses were released via four-wheel drive with a maximum torque of 226 Nm at 4000 rpm. The car reached a top speed of 217 km/h and zooms to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.


{{ $t('Maintenance info') }}

Timing belt was replaced and a major service was carried out on 31/03/2020. This can be deduced from the maintenance sticker on the inside of the driver's door, as well as from the complete maintenance history.

{{ $t('Maintenance Documentation') }}

Maintenance booklet is present with all maintenance completed. Many various invoices also present. Belgian registration certificate part 1 & part 2 + inspection certificate + Carpass.


{{ $t('Options') }}

The options list for this car includes: sports seats, M sports steering wheel, aluminum rims, on-board computer, rear and front spoiler in body color. The car is also equipped with a non-original CD/radio player.

{{ $t('Known Issues') }}

The inner fabric of the removable roof has come loose.

{{ $t('Non original parts') }}

The rear muffler and Radio/CD player are not original. The rear muffler is an AC Schnitzer.

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